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Welcome to December, yogis! Can you believe that we’ve already landed in month 12 of 2018?! It’s been an amazing year of yoga at IY – teacher trainings, Grapevine opening, new teachers, fun classes and most of all – the best yoga community one could ever dream up! Today we want to introduce you to a Denton member named Janice who has been with us for many years. Her Savasana reflections are bound to leave you with a smile on your face…ahhh, the magic of yoga!

Almost twenty years ago after a serious car accident, I began my yoga practice. It’s been an unexpected journey of healing and personal growth. The most profound of which I experienced in Savasana! One day at the end of a class, while resting in Savasana, a sensation of pure bliss came over me. It was unexplainable then and to this day, I still cannot put it into words. I do know that it was life-changing and helped me to determine a new vision for my life.

As a health care practitioner, I feel that optimal health in mind, body and spirit is the key to my effectiveness. I support that goal with my commitment to a consistent yoga practice. Inspire Yoga Denton, with it’s wonderful group of talented and helpful yoga instructors and a warm and inviting atmosphere, helps me meet those goals!

Thank you,
Janice Krieger Anthony

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