Meet the Instructors of Inspire Yoga Grapevine vol.5

The Inspire Yoga Team has been assembled and we can’t wait for you to meet them!  In this weekly blog series, you’ll be meeting the instructors who will be Inspire-ing Grapevine to get on their mats. We are so happy to be welcoming our final two instructors, Melyssa Dalhgren and Jessica Schieffer!


Melyssa Dahlgren

Melyssa grew up a Northern Californian girl, exploring Monterey Bay to Yosemite National Park. But when her family moved to Burleson, TX when she was 15 years old, she began to put down her Texas roots.  One semester as a sophomore at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, she took her first yoga class and immediately fell in love with the practice.  It was then that she knew she needed to find a place to continue her yoga journey.  Inspire Yoga in Highland Village became her yoga home. She quickly signed up for the Inspire Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training in the summer of 2015.

” I wanted to deepen my understanding of what the yoga practice meant and how I could share this passion with those around me.”

Melyssa became a fixture at Inspire Yoga starting as the smiling face that welcomed you at the front desk.  It wasn’t long before she was a substitute instructor honing her craft.  Eventually, she became a regular on the Inspire Yoga Denton schedule.

Her influence on the yoga practice will focus on self-love, compassion, and patience.  By creating a space of mindfulness, she encourages her students to be creative with the bodies through freedom of expression while maintaining healthy body alignment.

Melyssa and I met up for coffee at Grapevine hot spot RE:defined Coffee House to discuss her upcoming class at IY Grapevine.  Here is a snippet of some of what we talked about:

I’m so happy that your recent move makes you available to teach at Inspire Yoga Grapevine.  But if you could live in any city, which one would it be?

“Oahu, Hawaii!  I would want to live there because it’s a magical place where the mountains meet the sea and everything else is in between.”

You are making me want to jump on a plane and take a vacation, but with the studio opening soon, I’m going to have to be content with a staycation and a good book. Is there a book that has really impacted you?

“The Beauty Detox Solution.  This book was a bit cheesy, addressing rich housewives and how to maintain their physique.  But the message from Kimberly Snyder was mindful eating, understanding how food interacts with your body, and why dieting doesn’t work.  This book awakened another passion of mine; my passion for food.  After reading this book,  I changed my major from Fashion Design to Nutrition and Wellness.”

That is a big impact!  If you could make a big impact by making a rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

“I would make a rule that stated all packaged materials use for food goods needs to be biodegradable and nontoxic to our environment.  And that everyone MUST recycle!”

You can find this health and environmentally conscious yogi teaching Slow Flow on Mondays at 9 am.  Or you can join her at Grapevine Craft Brewery for a Free Yoga class on August 11th from 11 am to noon where you will have an opportunity to become a Founding Member of Inspire Yoga Grapevine!

Jessica Schieffer

Originally from upstate New York, Jessica did most of her growing up in deep South Texas.  Her childhood was anchored by large gatherings of her lively Mexican-American family, which featured lots of boisterous laughter with a side serving of authentic Mexican cuisine.  Cow tongue, anyone?!

Jessica has always been fitness-conscious but didn’t discover yoga until 2005, when she was in her early thirties, living in Seattle and seeking to counteract her running routine.  As often happens, she got much more than she bargained for.

“As a teacher, I strive to cultivate a balance of mind, body, and spirit by incorporating the many facets of yoga into my Slow Flow classes, including philosophy, anatomy, and breath awareness.  I aim to have my students leave each class feeling enlightened, enlivened and empowered.  And I believe the ancient science of yoga is for everybody!”

Jessica is a thoughtful and kind yogi who I have loved getting to know.  We had a chance to learn more about each other recently.

Yoga teaches us a lot about ourselves.  What is something you have had to unlearn?

“In 2006, my sister unexpectedly died, and in my deep sorrow and loss, I was forced to confront and slowly unlearn some unhealthy behavior patterns that had negatively impacted my relationships and kept me from progressing on my life path.  As it happens, I had discovered yoga shortly before this tragedy and, along with a regular spiritual practice, it became a touchpoint and guide to a healthier more peaceful life.”

I, too, had a sister pass away suddenly and it made me have a sense of urgency about many things in my life.  What is something you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to it yet?

“I’ve been wanting to plant a garden in my backyard.  Yoga plants seeds of goodness within us, and I’ve had this yearning to express that in some tangible, organic way.  My mother is a prolific gardener, but judging by the chronic droopiness of my houseplants, I didn’t inherit her green thumb.  Still, I’m determined to give it a try and see what roots!”

Well, I have similarly black thumb so you don’t want my help in the garden!  But I hear gardening is very relaxing to most people.  I like to travel to find my relaxation. What is the most relaxing place you’ve ever been?

“I once spent two weeks on a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands, which was a kind of other-worldly level of relaxation.  But the desert Southwest has a kind of mystical hold on me.  I’ve always felt a deep sense of peace and calm when I’ve visited New Mexico.”

To experience Jessica’s  Slow Flow classes, you can find her teaching on Thursdays at 9 am and on Fridays at 10:30 am at Inspire Yoga Grapevine. We’ll see you on your mat!

4 thoughts on “Meet the Instructors of Inspire Yoga Grapevine vol.5”

  1. Melyssa and Jessica, thank you for joining the Inspire Yoga Grapevine team. You both are going to do amazing and I can’t wait to take your classes. We are humbled to have you as part of this group and thank you for your commitment to expanding the Inspire Yoga community.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Josh! I’m excited to be a part of the Inspire teaching team and look forward to the studio opening soon.

  2. Melyssa and Jessica! It was great to see you both this weekend. Thank you for joining the team at Inspire Yoga Grapevine! I can’t wait to take both of your classes in Grapevine soon. August 27th 2018 is a go for opening and I look forward to Melyssa’s class this August the 11th at Grapevine Craft Brewery! Thanks for all your preparation and dedication!

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