A Note on Motherhood

10365980_1062751997130772_3268623577581036264_nIt’s hard to find the exact words to express what this journey has been like for me. As my baby girl approaches her first year of being in this world, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment. The more she grows and learns, the more whole I feel. She has brought a concrete purpose to my life, but it hasn’t been all sunshine and butterflies!

There is a part of motherhood that can be scary, exhausting, and confining at times. The best advice I can give to all mommies is to live each day as it comes. Enjoy the highs, ride the lows, and most importantly find balance!

12650926_1028928090513163_6162118439477773857_nEach day integrate a little bit of what you love to do. For me, it’s getting to practice yoga or maybe taking a nice long shower. For you, it could be going for a walk, painting, shopping, or riding a bike. No matter what it is, take five, ten, fifteen minutes or more to come back to YOU.

I wouldn’t change one thing about my journey as a mother. It brightens my days, fills my heart and makes me a better human being. I look forward to many more mommy adventures to come.

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