Inspire Yoga Colleyville Instructor Spotlight – Lisa Grimes

This week’s spotlight is another instructor who is no stranger to Inspire Yoga! If you’ve gotten the chance to take one of her flows, you know this instructor serves up the heat! And no better person to bring you all the Yoga HIIT at 5:30 am than…

LISA GRIMES!                     

Lisa is defined by her students as no-nonsense, pragmatic and a little hardcore but always teaches with the important thread of inner peace and calm. No one better than Lisa to wake you up and maybe even kick your butt (with love!) for your 5:30 am Yoga HIIT class on Mondays! 

Keep reading to get a better sense of who Lisa is on and off the mat. 

So, Lisa, tell us a little bit about your background with yoga.

I started practicing yoga 8 years ago. I felt a calling, a need, to have more balance, both physically and in an overall holistic way. As an athlete, my yoga beginnings were (and still are) humble. I was awkward, tight, and “not noodly.” I processed my doubt and shame that some beginners have and with the leadership of some incredible teachers, forged ahead. I chose to love yoga. Once I accepted that I wasn’t a bendy noodle, I found my rhythm and realized yoga isn’t just for the highly flexible. I fell in love with my practice. My personal practice is streamlined: simplistic and minimalistic. My music choices are calm and often without lyrics. My practice is very private and as a moving meditation, I love getting lost in my own synergy. I have a strong home practice.

Beautifully put! Mind telling us a bit more about what your private practice means to you?

Yoga brings a track of clarity and calm to my world. When I learned the power of the breath, I was astonished at how my outlook and feelings about me, others and my world changed. My personal mission is to always strive to edit my life to be in harmony with myself, others and the universe. Yoga is the energy for my life’s mission.

What is your ideal way to spend a weekend when you aren’t teaching or playing on your mat?

Anything outdoors! I’m an outdoor cyclist, runner, occasional mini triathlete, nutrition enthusiast, and novice hiker and camper; my new jam!If you weren’t in the fitness industry, what other profession would you love to pursue?If I didn’t teach yoga, I would still be a teacher. It is my life’s calling. It is my passion. I  might volunteer to teach people how to read or use  my nutrition coaching or life coaching certifications to help others eat and live more healthfully. 

What are you most looking forward to in terms of teaching with us at Inspire Yoga Colleyville?

Already connected to Inspire Yoga Highland Village and Grapevine, I am excited to take the next step with Inspire Yoga Colleyville. 

I can’t wait to groove and sweat and flow with you Monday mornings- HIIT yoga 5:30 a.m. Are you up for the challenge? I believe the whole world would be a better place if everyone practiced yoga HIIT on Monday mornings at 5:30! 

Check Lisa out once again every Monday at 5:30 am! Didn’t get a chance to jump on our Founding Member purchase option? You can still snag a membership for $99 as well as try our classes at the studio if it’s your first time for just $29 your first week. Come three times that first week and get your second week for free!

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