Category: Chakras

Unleash the Power of Your Root Chakra

posted by Katrina Rodionova

I am a holistic practitioner and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. I work in several different fields related to health, alternative healing, and physical and mental well-being. I incorporate the mind-body approach to help my students achieve true balance in all areas of their life. I have been involved in energy work for over 15 years sharing […]

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Yoga For the Heart | 4 Stretches to Reconnect

posted by Nancy Nelson

Happy Valentines Day, yogis! As you celebrate the love in your life today, don’t forget to extend a little love back to yourself as well. In a world of commutes, desk jobs, and constant errands – the chest area tends to carry a lot of tension. As we go throughout our days, we tend to […]

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