Celebrate with Inspire Yoga! (One of Twelve)

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

– Ferris Bueller (June 11th 1986)

A lot can happen in a decade… and life sure does move fast! Looking backward, Inspire Yoga Members have a lot to celebrate! The thriving home at Inspire Yoga has added new relationships, health, and happiness to more than a few hot yoga seekers during our first charmed decade. We will explore that a bit more this year, but it feels even more exciting to look forward.

Here is what we have to look forward to in 2020 to celebrate our first decade:

One Day Only Deals you won’t want to miss! Be ready on the 10th day of every month this year for something different to grab.

First of all, expect one fun love note like this at the beginning of every month all year long. I’ll feature some great new pics of our community and let you know about each month’s special ONE DAY SALE to be featured on the 10th. It will always be a Flash Sale specifically on the 10th to remind us of our first decade now in the books and to keep our eyes focused forward toward the next ten years!

The first special offer for January 10th, … new members can join Inspire Yoga for only $10! This will be available for ONE DAY ONLY. So tell your friends and be ready to snag it that morning or call your membership director prior to the 10th to reserve a spot.

Next, we are going Album Style and giving you the TWELVE BEST YOGA PLAYLISTS EVER!!! Each month I’ll link to the prior month’s Best Hot Yoga Playlist. No link on this first one because of course, you have to have the chance to hear it live first!

This blog will let you know in advance WHEN and WHERE and with WHOM to HEAR it first live! And then you can save it on your Spotify account from this communication after the event and flow on your own any time (or in the car) with the amazing tunes our gifted instructors put together for your in-studio classes.

Rock & Flow with us on Friday, January 24th at 6:00 PM in the Music City Mall Grand Stage.

The first fun LIVE EVENT is happening on Friday, January 24th and the whole crew is invited! Doors open at 5:30 PM and the event goes from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. The venue is Music City Mall in Lewisville so that we can have enough space to hold everyone. They have graciously partnered with us and offer their GRAND STAGE for this event.

Pre-registration for ‘Rock & Flow’ is recommended and only $10 per person to attend! Sign up early and get all your friends along for the ride too! It’s sure to be a great time with great people. And of course, who better to kick off the first Best of the Best Live Playlist Event than your very own Jimi Hendrix of Yoga – Bethaney Pilat!

Finally, you can expect several additional awesome events throughout this year in celebration of our first 10 years of serving this great and growing community. So stay tuned here!

See you next month.

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