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“There’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years. Sometimes you gotta say ‘What the F*ck’, make your move.”

Joel Goodsen – August 5th 1983

It’s time to make your move.

What a month! The world is at an amazing place right now. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, there is opportunity everywhere.

The COVID-19 environment has changed everything. We are moving constantly forward.

So, Here is how this is going to work.

First, you realize this is the best opportunity ever. Second, you follow the application process. Next, I bring the winning candidate on board with an ownership stake in a new media company. Then, we go crush it.

What do I need to know?

A working knowledge (or a quick study) of Inspire Yoga would be a good start. WordPress skills, energy and drive, time and focus, adobe, and other digital ninja operations seem appropriate.

A focus on managing an On Demand Library of Yoga Classes and a deep understanding of WordPress is required.

You need to know that the world is a great big place and the answers are everywhere. You need to have the ability to care more about making this project a success over any other competing initiatives in your life at this moment. You own reasons for why are deeply important.

Meet the Inspire Yoga Media Company

What is the move?

The move is to become part new of a media company whose first client is Inspire Yoga. Forty percent ownership of the company is designated for successful partners. While COVID-19 has delayed the timeline a bit, the target distribution to to one or more individuals will be on or around August 1st 2020.

Initial funding will provide each successful partner a $1,500 starting bonus and $5,000 per quarter for the first year, plus an enduring amount of profit if the organization becomes profitable.

  • $21,500 year one
  • Equity partnership stake
  • One flagship client already
  • Strong partners and compassionate leadership with decades of experience
  • Access to insights, data, raw materials, and a great supply chain

Yes, you need an entrepreneur mindset. Maybe you have already started a company or two, great. Maybe this will be the first one of your own. I can promise you this much; ask anyone that has started a company if this sounds like a better deal than they had when they first went off on their own. I already know the answer to that question. It is exactly what I was looking for 15 years ago but could not find.

What is the job?

The job is to engage, improve, and maintain Inspire Yoga’s media needs. We will use a client services contract.

As Inspire Yoga’s needs are met with success, we will use our lessons learned and experience to support new clients in a unique way. Our ideal new client is an existing non-yoga business that seeks to incorporate yoga theme into their advertising or perhaps needs access to a great yoga network.

We add value with domain expertise, raw material access, superior strategic insights, and tenacious execution.

How do I apply?

Complete all of the items on the list below and compile everything into a single communication to by April 31st 2020 in order to be considered.

  • Write a comment on this blog.
  • Review all content on and draft a 500-800 word essay in response to this prompt: In the next 12-24 months the most important message Inspire Yoga can send to existing and prospective members is __________________________ and the best way to effectively deliver this message is to_________________________.
  • Include a resume.

What is the timeline?

Bonus consideration is given to those that do not procrastinate. My timeline is as follows:

  • Accepting Applications: Now through April 30th 2020
  • Interview and Review:May 1st through June 30th
  • Candidate Selection: June 2020
  • Inspire Yoga Client Services Agreement begins August 1st 2020.

Initial consideration will be given to our yoga teacher training graduates, existing teachers, and existing members. Because, we try to be an in-network provider.

However, if this is the first you are hearing of Inspire Yoga and you have the drive and skills, then no prior affiliation is required to apply. Going in to take one of our classes would be a welcomed bit of research! Well, at least take an online class!

Meditate on this.

9 thoughts on “Now Hiring – Come on Board!”

  1. As a registered nurse I have spent most of my life caring for others. Yoga has taught me how to care for myself and that has changed every aspect of my life. It makes me a better nurse, better in business and a better wife, daughter, sister and friend. The ability to incorporate this gift into business strategies sounds very intriguing.

  2. Yoga had changed my life for the better, and with my passion for yoga and my rhetorical skills, I know I could be a game changer. I can’t wait to learn more!

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