A time to stay together

UPDATED Monday April 6th at 2:00 PM: ON-DEMAND VIDEOS are now live for members.


UPDATES as of 3/19/2020: We know this is an unsettling time for the entire Inspire Yoga family. Through everything, you have trusted us for so many years to support you, your practice, and this family. Inspire Yoga will remain unwavering in serving each of you and your practice, humbly and thoughtfully.

We wish we could provide you with the same yoga experience we all love at our studios. It is an unprecedented time. But we are excited to continue to lead you on your mat at home! In an effort to provide you value while allowing our instructors to continue to inspire us, we offer the following options:

PER CLASS OPTIONS: Live Stream 10 Class Card for $60. If you have current class card packs, you can use either option best for you.

Current MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS (continued access to all virtual classes) We will adjust all monthly memberships to $35/month including family memberships at your next renewal and effective 3/18/20. We will prorate any monthly membership that renewed BETWEEN FEB 17 – MAR 17 and deduct that from your first regular monthly membership payment when that resumes (your monthly membership rate will resume when group classes begin again at your home studio).

Current ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS (continued access to all virtual classes) All annual memberships will be given a free month for each month we remain closed. Each free month will extend your next annual renewal date out by one month. If your annual membership is about to renew soon, it will go through and we will automatically extend the length of it as per the above, unless we hear from you otherwise. If you have any questions, contact your studio director (see links below). 

If none of these options are right for you at this time, we understand. We will gladly place your Monthly Membership ON HOLD for $10/Month for each month we do not offer group classes. Your Monthly Membership Rate will convert back to your regular rate when group classes resume. Please contact your studio director directly for this option.

Inspire Yoga will note additional updates on our class schedule page.

As the COVID 19 situation develops

Today is a time to think for ourselves but act in concert. Today we must support our neighbors and protect each other. Today we must do the best that we can. Please be mindful that Inspire Yoga is only one small business equally affected on all levels along with the world at large.

We will remain squarely on the team of prompt compliance with all public health needs, but all individuals are encouraged to stay in touch with the CDC and the WHO and local authorities.

Consider that perhaps

The social cost of taking a three week staycation in our communities is the only price we pay to keep a “second flu” from being with us forever.

This seems a reasonable trade. Roll with it. Inspire Yoga is bringing online ways to help you find this balance… a subtle break from the isolation.

There is no force against you, only forces on you and with you.

Consider also perhaps

The freedom of travel that we have enjoyed our entire life may have developed faster than our world can handle. Given the unprecedented nature of this situation, we hesitate to make predictions of how tomorrow specifically looks. But we know the resilience of our students and staff that underpin the strength of our studio communities.

For now, this is a time to keep your eyes wide, your hands washed, and your immune system strong.

It is a time of quiet patience and solitude. Stay local and help your neighbors.

My parting thought this morning

To loved ones, friends, family, and the Inspire Yoga community:

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly father feeds them.”

-Jesus of Nazareth (32 AD)

2 thoughts on “A time to stay together”

  1. I am a current member. Did you send out an e-mail about registering for online classes? I think I deleted it as “spam.” Sorry.
    I need a password to access the online courses. Could you text me at 972-567-2207 or e-mail at beblessed4@tx.rr.com about how to signup. Do my auto payments cover this? Thank you, Elaine Caudle

    1. Hello Elaine! Yes, starting today we have an ON-DEMAND Library with over 30 classes on it. We are also Live Streaming a couple new ones per day. I will have B resend it to you.

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