Aim True: The Message to Hear Loud and Clear

posted by Leanne Schulz

Photo: Leigh Webber

This weekend the one and only Kathryn Budig will be joining us at Inspire Yoga in Highland Village. In a brief interview with Kathryn Budig, master yogi, traveler and foodie I discovered that there is in fact a new device in the kitchen that should be discovered by all and that there is a mystical destination that I must visit. Don’t miss Kathryn this weekend as she comes to share her message of “Aim True”.

LS: If you could move anywhere tomorrow where would you relocate to?

KB: In fantasyland, I’m move to Santori, but in all honesty – there’s no place like home.

Santori is the largest island of a small, circular archipelgo which bears the same name and is the eminent of a volcanic caldera.  

LS: Who are the group of people you would really like the message of “Aim True” to reach that maybe you have not yet had the opportunity to meet/work with yet?

KB. I’d love the message to go beyond the yoga world and access a group who may not have the spiritual benefit of a regular yoga practice.

In Kathryn’s message, Aim True, she is an advocate for self-acceptance, love, honesty and helping her student find true balance. You’ll learn all about this when you get to meet her this weekend and she is so excited to share this with the Inspire Yoga tribe.

LS: What are your three all time top favorite foods to make?

KB: Sauces! I love making vodka sauce or some delicious tomato-based sauce. Fish tacos are a specialty and I’m currently in love with my spiralizer, so any dish with that!

Now, I may be behind on new gadgets but I’ve never heard of a spiralizer, so of course I had to do some research:

It’s a kitchen contraption that can turn veggies or even hard fruits into long strands so that you can make masterpiece dinners and even substitute veggies and fruits for things like noodles!

Thanks Kathryn! Now I have a legit reason for a new kitchen toy….*clears throat*, I mean, kitchen tool. Excited to try it out!


When I started my yoga practice it was purely for a physical workout. As my body grew stronger, I realized that my spirit and my confidence had grown stronger than I ever imagined, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everyday that I go to the mat I'm searching for a deeper understanding of myself and my practice. With encouraging leaders and a community filled with love I decided to pursue my 200 hour training at Inspire Yoga. I hope to inspire others the way I have been and share this amazing life transformation called yoga with everyone I meet in life. As a dance instructor and choreographer I enjoy the immersion of physical flow and spiritual balance. As a comedian I enjoy taking risks and making people smile... Just kidding, I'm not a comedian but I do enjoy living life big and sharing laughs. I want to empower others to not only trust themselves in heart and body but to be confident, find joy and strength in the day to day life and have a little fun.

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