Mary’s Story

I basically crawled into my first yoga class looking for a release of the stress that had built up inside of me due to my corporate job. Having previously been an athlete and gym-rat, I had never experienced the mind-body connection that yoga provided. I had always been high-strung and easily flustered and was able to sit with my own thoughts and be present for the first time in my life. It was transformative and I was instantly hooked.

A professor in college once told me that as long as the career I chose was one that allowed me to help others and also something I was passionate about, I would forever be professionally satisfied. I really took that to heart and decided to quit my job and begin to make yoga my career, somehow. I knew that if I just took the risk and didn’t look back, it would eventually pay off for me. I could have never imagined the reward that I got. Fast forward 7 years or so, I was given the honor and title of Lead Teacher Trainer at Inspire Yoga where I can now guide others to embark on a similar journey on their own. Even more, I landed into a community that the Universe knew I would need later during the hardest day of my life.

On 3/29/2014, while knee deep in the IYS 300 Advanced Yoga Training Program, my 4 year old daughter lost her foot in a lawnmower accident. Each module that I attended after that served as a counseling session for me, full of the most supportive and incredibly inspiring people I’ve ever known.

Without the healing ground that Inspire Yoga provided to me, I would have never had the courage to lead my daughter into a life of acceptance and ascension with confidence and grace.

I will be forever grateful to our community and my yoga practice for that.

Practice with Mary

Mary's Story | Featured Yoga Instructor Dallas & Denton
Mary’s BRAVE Workshop at Inspire Yoga

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  1. I just love you dearly and am glad I have been able to be a part of Inspire with you! I cannot wait for your workshop and my classes with you every week! <3

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