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The ‘job’ of being a yoga teacher and a mom…

Teaching yoga has been one of the most rewarding parts of my life. I have been blessed with an amazing ‘job’. I have also been blessed with the ‘job’ of being a mom and two kids, who even though at times make me want to pull my hair out, also make my heart so full with their humor and love that at times I think my heart might explode. Through these two jobs, or paths that my life has taken, I have learned many aspects about life and living that I don’t know that I would have learned had it not been for them. I believe one of the most important is that we are all here to learn from one another equally no matter what position we hold, and that we should constantly put ourselves in the position of understanding, learning and being curious from one another. Now, I know that being a yoga teacher and a parent puts me directly in the path of teaching, and I strive  to share what I believe is of value. I also know though that without what I have learned from my kids (which is a constant reminder to be patient and kind, seeing the beauty in everything and that if we were ever to be caught in a zombie apocalypse that its best to get in a body of water because zombies can’t swim)… and my students (to forever be humble in my knowledge, and that each of our paths are recognizably different, but that for the most part, where we are heading and wanting to end up is very much the same. To love and be loved) these two paths would not be nearly as rewarding or worth it.

When the paths collide…

As my kids got old enough to do yoga with them, I would throw out my yoga mat and  begin to do with them what we now know as acro yoga (at the time it was just called airplane and a really good leg workout for mom).  As my daughter got older she would grab her yoga mat and start doing yoga poses on her own and making up small sequences that made sense to her. She still adores it at the age of 9 and has been a big help in my family yoga series. She loves to help demonstrate yoga poses, pass out paper and crayons, and stare at herself in the mirror while everyone else is in shavasana (we are currently working on the centering, being present and in the moment part 🙂 ). My son who is now 13 has an admiration for how physically strong yoga can make you. He has been around it his entire life and because his dad has practiced too,I believe he has a deeper appreciation and interest for it than I think he would if it was just me. He is now old enough to come to my Saturday morning classes and it makes my day having him in the room and knowing that he is experiencing the beginning of yoga and the potential of what it can be. Its my hope that both of my kids continue to love yoga and understand that even if they step away from it, that it is something that they can come back to time and time again and learn something new each time they venture down the path.

The creation of Family Yoga…

In the years that have passed and the progression of introducing yoga into my kids lives, It occurred to me that other parents who are yogis or curious about yoga might want to share in the experience of yoga with their kids too. Somewhere they can learn and teach each other as well a place to play and have fun together. It became an easy decision then to create a family series. To have a physical practice that is engaging to both the parents and the kids, and to include and teach the connection of the emotional and mental aspects of yoga that we can all use, adults and kids alike.

Wise Heart Family Yoga is what came of this, and it is my hope that as the families experience each class, they can take something away from it. Whether it is learning how to do a handstand at the wall (or in the middle of the room :)), a breathing technique that will calm them in times of stress, doing partner or acro  yoga poses together after dinner, or most importantly taking away memories and moments that they spent together and will hopefully remember for a long time.

Join Rachel for this wonderful 6 week family series and make some memories with your kids this summer. Every Thursday at 12pm starting June 9th!

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