Inspire Yoga Colleyville Instructor Spotlight – Abby Schiewe

It’s that time of the week again, folks! For Round #3 of our Instructor Spotlight, we welcome Abby Schiewe to our team! Abby is such a free spirit, loves to travel, and believes everyone can find their own unique love of yoga with the right guidance and instruction. Not that we’re biased (maybe only a little) but we can’t think of anyone better to provide that guidance and instruction! Follow our conversation to get a feel for Abby and sign up for her Bend & Brew class this Friday at Inspire Yoga Grapevine

Abby, tell us a little bit about how you found yourself practicing yoga for the first time?

When I was 17, during a soccer game I tore my ACL and shredded my meniscus to pieces in my left leg. Several months into physical therapy, my therapist said I needed to start moving more, specifically to start doing yoga. I wasn’t even a little bit thrilled but taking my therapist’s advice, my parents signed me up at a local studio’s weekly class called “Yoga for Athletes”. I walked into the room skeptical and ready to leave. I wasn’t expecting to be rocked as hard as I was. After the first class alone, I felt stronger, intrigued, I wanted more. It challenged me in a way I’d never been challenged before and for the first time in my life I wasn’t just “good” at it naturally; I had to really work at it. And here I am today continuing to put in the work, relearning about my body every practice, and feeling stronger than ever.

The doubt I experienced prior was what made me want to begin teaching. I became a believer and wanted to spread that to others. I got so much out of it and wanted everyone to experience the same! I chose to pursue a teaching certification so that I could begin leading people into meetings with themselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I chose a training that was heavy in knowledge of anatomy and movement, as I believe you must first open the physical body, to get to the rest of your being. Yoga is strength, and I truly believe that with the right guidance, it will make a believer out of everyone.

What can we find you doing when you aren’t practicing or teaching yoga?

Laughing, smoothies, sunshine, dance parties in my car (I swear I’m a safe driver), and new podcasts.

Addicted to podcasts! They shine light on new and interesting topics and ideas every day. Speaking of interesting, where is the most interesting place you’ve visited so far?

Vietnam was the most interesting so far. Being immersed in a culture so different from my own growing up in TX, USA, was so refreshing and fun to learn about. You see everything differently.

Couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. If you weren’t teaching yoga, what would you be doing instead?

Probably fashion! I’m a little boujee- I love quality clothes and art. I was actually accepted into FIDM in LA but senior year of high school decided to decline and travel and pursue yoga instead!

So cool! What are some things you’re looking forward to in the coming months?

With yoga- teaching more, studying more, practicing more. With life- Fall is my favorite season! I already planned my Halloween costume months ago and I’m stoked for all the dinner parties and holiday traditions to come. Also, this season is the most fun to dress for fashion-wise.

Check out Inspire Yoga Colleyville’s studio page for updates on Abby’s schedule! For unlimited access to Abby’s classes, lock in your Founding Membership before they are gone.

Give us a follow @inspireyogacolleyville and stay tuned at the start of every week for the rest of our Instructor Spotlight Series! See you on the mat in Colleyville.

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    1. Welcome to the Team Abby!! It reads like you have the perfect background to settle into a wonderful future at Inspire.

      Friday Bend and Brew is the perfect place to start!

      Colleyville yoga classes will be here before we know it!

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