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What can you do to BRAVE through life’s unexpected hardships that leave you feeling lost, depleted or heart broken with grace and perseverance? DIG into the truth of your experience and find the courage to accept the situation while truly feeling the emotions that surface as a result. Explore ways to RESTORE your spirit in a supportive and healthy way and recognize the methods that are not supporting your goals. ASCEND into your new normal with clarity and a positive new perspective on life by realizing the strength and perseverance you’ve gained along the way. Allow these trials to support you, not define you.

Stage one: DIG

This is the hard part. This stage requires courage to relive the details of the event/loss in your life and search for the truth behind your emotions and circumstances. Feeling those emotions, allowing them to surface (maybe even explode) without suppressing them or minimizing their importance is the challenge. A wise friend once told me, “You gotta feel your feels, girl”. That’s what this is about.

Find ways to gain clarity each day by journaling or meditating so that you can approach each day, each decision and each DIG session with a clear mind.

Stage two: RESTORE

This is where you being to rebuild your crumbled foundation, to gather materials to prepare your new structure and to sturdy yourself within your new normal. After all the digging, you’re left with a strong base line for growth if you’ll allow it. You may choose to ascend, or to just push forward into coping within the victim role.

Explore personal ways you can RESTORE your spirit in a supportive and healthy way and recognize the methods that are not conducive to your path. What habits do you need to adopt/break?

Stage three: ASCEND

After all the digging and restorations done your spirit, you are able to ascend into your new normal with grace and vigor. Meeting your trials head on and coming out on the other side stronger, wiser and more aware of your true self is your precious reward.

Allowing yourself to celebrate all the positive effects of your perseverance and effort will send you soaring into the next phase of your life.

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