Upward Facing Dog | Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

posted by Nancy Nelson

Introducing #IYPOW (Inspire Yoga Pose of the Week)! Every Sunday we will share the pose of the week via social media. You are then invited to join in with us by posting your own interpretation of the pose and a short thought or inspiration that you receive from the pose. Make sure to use hashtag #IYPOW so we can see your pictures! Each month, one person (who shared and hashtagged) will be chosen to win an exclusive IY tank or tee!

All you have to do is share your pose and personal inspiration!

Upward Facing Dog
Upward Facing Dog
Cobra Variation
Cobra Variation







This week’s pose: Upward Facing Dog (alternatives are cobra or sphinx poses)

Upward dog is a common backbend in the vinyasa practice. Though we often flow through this pose quickly, it has so much to offer. Here’s what Inspire Yoga Teacher, Erika had to say about it… “I love upward facing dog because it is usually the first heart-opener that I encounter in a yoga class. It challenges and strengthens my core and upper body while allowing the chest and front body to expand. It’s an all-in-one pose that is powerful, energizing, and refreshing throughout the entire class.”

This week, take an extra breath or a moments pause in your up dog and really feel it! Soak up all the goodness that the pose has to offer and share your experience with us!

We can’t wait to see your pictures!

Click here to see a video demonstration of the pose(s)!


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