Inspiring Yogis | Diane, Sarah and Amy Pihl

posted by Nancy Nelson

Happy new year, IY family!

To kick off our 2018 Inspiring Yogis, this month we are excited to present you with not one, not two, but THREE yogis that you might recognize from the Denton studio! Diane, Sarah and Amy Pihl have been a part of Inspire Yoga for some time now and have noticed a dramatic shift in physical, mental and emotional health through the practice since joining. Read their stories below and leave some love in the comments!


Diane’s story

In October of 2015, a little over two years ago, Sarah and I started practicing at the newly opened Inspire Yoga Denton. My other daughter Amy joined us about a year later. WOW! Little did I know how much yoga and the Inspire Yoga community would impact my life in such a wonderful way! 

Increased core strength and flexibility are two of the best improvements to my health as a result of practicing yoga. I love the time on my mat, guided by each excellent instructor, to explore and challenge myself physically and mentally. Through Slow Flow and Inspire Vinyasa classes, I’ve learned how to breath through and persevere in hard poses, how to fall and start again, how to sweat and love it! Through Yin I have learned how to let go and rest, how to be still when it’s challenging, how to focus and breathe deeply, and practice how to surrender.

Thank you, Nancy and all the other excellent instructors at IY, for creating an atmosphere of acceptance, love and community. I am thankful for all the other yogi friends at the studio, too; thank you for sharing your lives!

The very best aspect of yoga for me is the opportunity to spend time with Sarah and Amy, adding to the depth of our shared life experiences, and encouraging one another in and out of class. I am so thankful that we are on this yoga journey together!

Sarah’s story

One of my favorite parts of yoga, especially Yin, is how it allows me to slow time down from my busy schedule and let me think, breathe and organize my thoughts. Sometimes my bestideas happen in a yoga class! I’ve learned through my yoga classes to push through tough situations and believe that I can make it through. Sometimes during class when we’re holding a hard pose and I think I can’t do it, I take a deep breath and challenge myself to prove myself wrong. Nancy has said it before, “you can do anything for three breaths”, and I have begun using that in my everyday life when I’m challenged with something.

I really like practicing yoga with my mom and sister because it’s a fun way to spend quality time together and get some healthy exercise!

Amy’s story

I was a bit intimidated when starting my yoga practice because it was something I had never tried before, but I quickly became comfortable in the welcoming atmosphere at Inspire Yoga. I really appreciate the emphasis on practicing yoga at the level you are at personally, whether you need a challenge or a rest, and not comparing yourself to others around you. 

Through yoga I have been reminded that I can also apply this principle to other areas in my life. The intentional breathing techniques have also helped me physically and mentally. I am very glad my mom and sister got me into yoga because it has been a rewarding experience personally and also a fun thing to share with them. 

Life has not been the same since finding Inspire Yoga in 2012. After the loss of a close friend, I found my mat to be a soft place to land in a difficult season of life. After attending classes consistently, I pursued the Inspire Yoga 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings and now hold my IYS 500 hour certification as well as E-RYT200 and RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. I love sharing yoga with people and getting to offer a space for them to be just as they are - whether broken, joyful, happy, uncertain ...there is a space for you here at Inspire Yoga. My blog posts are a reflection of my passion for yoga and how it has impacted my life in such a healing way. I am the membership director at Inspire Yoga Denton and love doing life with such an amazing community! Outside of yoga, I am wife to Colin and mama to Oliver and our sweet hound dog Ama.

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