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When you show up to your mat, you show up first and foremost for yourself. To better your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We are happy to provide the space and guidance for this transformation to take place. Today we celebrate Victor’s story of personal growth. Though he thanks us, we know that in the end it’s really about how HE has continued to show up – day after day – staying committed to what really matters in his life. We are inspired by you, Victor! 

I am a General Surgeon and have practiced surgery in Denton for over seventeen plus years. Like most people, I have busied myself with home, family (two boys) and my career. Building a busy and successful practice has been rewarding. Although I have been physically active through the years, my weight and stress levels increased and my health declined. I had briefly practiced yoga in Highland Village but traffic and distance proved to be difficult. I could not contain my excitement when Inspire Yoga Denton opened its doors. I have been a member since the opening month!

I knew yoga would be difficult but I needed an outlet to relieve my stress. Imagine my surprise and amazement when I discovered how difficult yoga was for me. Breathing was taxing, I had no flexibility and I was too weak to hold most poses. Since then I have noticed an improvement in all these aspects. I enjoy pushing myself and have reached several “yoga goals”. I have set new goals and look forward to reaching those as well.

However as I was improving, my health spiraled downhill and I was diagnosed with type II

Diabetes Mellitus. After the initial shock, I made adjustments to my diet and concentrated even more on my yoga practice. The benefits and changes have been amazing.

Inspire Yoga, the instructors and fellow students have been game-changers. I am LESS stressed, my blood sugar is well-controlled and my physical health is much better. What can I say but thank you – to Inspire, to my instructors and to my fellow students. I have enjoyed the journey and look forward to new adventures.

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