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That’s right y’all. Double Rachel is here to share her story! Rachel is one of our trainees for the upcoming spring 200 Hour Training. She is a dedicated and truly inspirational student at Inspire Yoga Denton. As soon as she stepped foot on a yoga mat, she began to see the endless benefits of the practice beginning to take root in her life. 

“My name is Rachel Rachel and I live in Denton with my husband, our dog and our three roommates (two siblings and a cousin). My strengths lie in helping others succeed which is why I work as an academic advisor at the University of North Texas. I help students navigate the requirements to earn a bachelor degree. This job requires me to sit for the majority of my 40-hour work week. In an effort to maintain my health and happiness, I have kept active by hiking with my dog, cycling to work and more recently, yoga.

I was introduced to yoga in a Stress Reduction Through Movement class at UNT (great class if you need an elective: DANC 1100). I was then re-introduced to yoga in January 2015 when my sister, Chelsea invited me to roll out my mat at Audacity Brewhouse with Karma Yoga Denton. That’s where I met Erika Record, Courtney Swearingen and other Inspire Yoga certified teachers. The friendly teachers and challenging poses brought me back again and again.

Soon, I was going to classes 2-3 times each week. I even found myself daydreaming about yoga poses while at work. I took this as a sign, followed my heart, and signed up as a Founding Member of Inspire Yoga Denton. I see yoga as a method of personal development. To be honest, before yoga I found myself drowning out my thoughts with work and lots of television and did not give myself time for self-reflection and growth.

I realized that I want a life that’s more than work, T.V., sleep, repeat. Yoga has given me a new community of friends.

In an effort to continue my journey of self-exploration, growth and health, I have been accepted into the Inspire Yoga School Foundational 200 Hour program!”

Are you ready to share your story?

We all have a unique message and there is always someone who needs to hear that they are not alone. Contact us at to share your story today.

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