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Leaves have begun to fall, pumpkins are currently everywhere (and IN everything), and the temps are finally lowering! As we look ahead to these crisp and cozy months, we are excited to share another very Inspiring Yogi & her story with you. Today, meet Kendall Birchfield. Kendall practices as a member consistently at the Denton studio. She basically always has a smile on her face, which is contagious, so good luck reading this without a smile on yours! Show her some love in the comments!

Yoga has become such an important part of my life.

The thing I love most about my practice is the felling I get when I try a new pose. I still remember the feeling when I lifted up into crow for the first time. The feeling when I get “hang time” practicing my handstand or reach back another inch in a backbend. It drives me to try new things and helps me to appreciate the restful and restorative poses as well. Nothing feels better than “splatting” down in child’s pose after attempting a challenging posture.


Yoga has transformed how I feel about myself. It’s a way to work out my body and take care of my mind. In my yoga practice, I’m able to focus on feeling strong and happy, and not on how I look. Sure, you’ll burn a lot of calories in Erika’s ladder flow, but yoga has shifted my perspective beyond just the physical benefits.

I recently got more involved in the activities outside of class. I have gotten to know my fellow yogis and it’s made my practice even better. My favorite is the Acro Jams! You really get to know someone when you’re partnering in Acro! The community is so welcoming. I’ve come to think of Inspire as my sanctuary.

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