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posted by Nancy Nelson

This month we are thrilled to share Cami’s story with you. This dedicated yogi practices at the Denton location and has a smile that makes any bad day take a turn for the better. She’s infectious to be around and we just know that her story will be a source of inspiration for you.

Old dog with new tricks.


What a compliment to be asked to share my yoga journey. If it inspires or encourages you in any way, it will be my honor.

I’m the ‘mature’ woman in the corner of the back row that always wears a headband. Outside of Inspire, I’m self-employed as a private investigator (Hop To It Investigations on the square in Denton) and spend most of my free time with my grandchildren or planning a trip somewhere.

My yoga journey began a few years ago when age, reality, and health issues forced me to look at alternative exercise options. Yoga wasn’t foreign to me but it wasn’t something I had ever practiced. The gym I belonged to offered an occasional yoga class and I started there. That lead to downloading yoga apps to supplement the class at home. I tentatively looked at a couple of studios but had no idea what to look for and feared being too awkward in a class with ‘real yogis’. Walking into the Inspire Yoga studio was one of the most intimidating things I’ve done, which is why I chose the back corner for my practice.
Over the last year at Inspire, my body has become stronger and my mind is experiencing an increase in clarity. My muscles are more flexible, my thoughts are more accepting and open. My balance is more stable and my life journey mirrors my yoga path. My health has improved in some areas and humbled me in others, which is why I wear a headband. I’ve come to appreciate how a pose will transform you from the outside to the inside. Standing in an extended warrior reminds me that there is strength from being grounded to the earth, and yet a sense of vulnerability as you reach to God for inner strength. Even a seated twist allows for serenity in the midst of twisted chaos.

Many of you have inspired or challenged me to keep trying, to go deeper into my practice and to accept each day’s accomplishments on the mat as a gift to myself. A loving yogi community that is both encouraging and accepting of all who roll out their mat is what Inspire Yoga offers.


Life has not been the same since finding Inspire Yoga in 2012. After the loss of a close friend, I found my mat to be a soft place to land in a difficult season of life. After attending classes consistently, I pursued the Inspire Yoga 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings and now hold my IYS500 certification as well as E-RYT200 and RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. I love sharing yoga with people and getting to offer a space for them to be just as they are - whether broken, joyful, happy, uncertain ...there is a space for you here at Inspire Yoga. My blog posts are a reflection of my passion for yoga and how it has impacted my life in such a healing way. I am the studio director at Inspire Yoga Denton and love doing life with such an amazing community! Outside of yoga, I am wife to Colin and mama to our sweet dog Ama. My faith makes me who I am.

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