Inspire Yoga Colleyville Instructor Spotlight – Tristen Keeker

Over here at Inspire Yoga Colleyville, we are getting just weeks away from opening our doors and are so happy to see the studio and the team come together. Our CV family would never have felt complete if not for our next instructor for our Instructor Spotlight Round Four!

Welcome to the family [insert drum roll here]… TRISTEN KEEKER!

Tristen has been a yoga instructor fixture here in the community for the past few years so is no stranger to us! Tristen, as a teacher and just downright human, exudes compassion, intelligence,  wisdom beyond her years and a funny sense of humor. She also is a dog mom to the cutest dogs ever, just peep her IG and you’ll get it. Take some time to read our conversation and get a sense of who she is and what you can expect from her in the studio!

You can also catch Tristen teaching Bend & Brew this Friday at 5:30 pm over at Inspire Yoga Grapevine! JUST A FEW SPOTS LEFT!

So Tristen, from what I understand, your yoga origin story came while you were an elementary school teacher? Tell us more about that!

I didn’t choose the yogi life, the yogi life chose me! Although I had a completely different plan (becoming an elementary school teacher!), I kept feeling the pull to mindfulness and yoga. I completed my 200 RYT Certification in 2015 at The Yoga Factory in Plano and attended numerous workshops over the last five years. Guiding yogis through their practice is what living my best life truly feels like! I teach yoga to help others tap into their bodies, their breath, and their most real, authentic selves – while having fun and getting sweaty! I believe the work you do on your mat transfers to life off the mat – we show up as more mindful and powerful humans with better connections to everything and everyone around us. It happens before you even realize it! When I’m not practicing or teaching, you can catch me traveling, being outdoors, or deep in a Netflix binge with my pups!

Yes! The physical practice is great,  but nothing compares to the ability to tune into who we truly are deep down. Speaking of, what does your truest self enjoy doing when you aren’t teaching?

Quality time and no real agenda with my family. Spending the days exploring a new place outside – whether that’s a beautiful spot to hike or a cool farmers market. Then in the evening, ordering some pizza and snuggling up on the couch to watch a great movie.

And congratulations on expanding your family with your new baby girl! How has life changed since having her?

 There is just nothing like this tiny human looking at you like you’re the greatest thing to ever exist. I’m just trying to live my best life for her.

I’m sure being a mom also requires much needed time away to reset. What does your personal yoga practice mean to you?

Freedom. The freedom to just be completely with my breath and body. Everything else just fades into the background when I’m on my mat.

Couldn’t agree more! What’s a good quote for you to live by?

Do no harm but take no shit! 🙂

I think we all could use quote on tough days! What are you looking forward to over the next couple of  months?

 After taking off a few months to have a baby, I’m so ready to get back to teaching yoga again! I’ve had the privilege of being part of three brand new studios in my teaching career so far and I can’t wait to really dig in and help build this community! 

Check out Inspire Yoga Colleyville’s studio page for updates on Tristen’s schedule! For unlimited access to Tristen’s classes, lock in your Founding Membership before they are gone.

We are so happy to have Tristen on our class schedule! Once again, sign up for her Bend & Brew class on the Grapevine studio page and keep your eyes peeled for our schedule release!

See you on the mat.

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  1. Welcome to the team Tristen! Thank you for stepping up to sub already! Congratulations on your new baby… and… remember… third time is the charm. This new studio opening will be a perfect home for a long time.

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