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Inspire Yoga’s Pose of the Month: Wild Thing

posted by Alana Speed

Happy Monday, Inspire Yogis! I am excited to announce that we will be starting to do yoga poses of the month, featuring students and teachers at the Denton and Highland Village (& hopefully Grapevine) studios! In these blogs, my hopes for you is to explore the benefits of different asanas, find variations and warm-ups for […]

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Give yourself a body day

posted by Benjamin Pilat

What do you hate most about your body?   When you read that question, one of two things probably happened: either something immediately came to mind or you needed a moment to rank the litany of ways your body fails to meet your expectations. If you’re happy with every part of your body just the […]

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Laughter Allowed

posted by Leanne Schulz

There is nothing better than the feeling of a gut wrenching chuckle, an unexpected cackle or a surprise one syllable “HA”.  The power of laughter can decrease stress, change perspective, rid anger and has the ability to connect people. Supporting both your mental and physical health, laughing releases endorphins, strengthens blood vessels and is a […]

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