About Us

Inspire Yoga® is a health and wellness company specializing in Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Classes. Studio locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex include Denton, Highland Village and Grapevine.


Inspire Yoga has been honored with the ‘Best of Denton County Award’ for best yoga instructors, best studio, and best training program eight years in a row. License opportunities are now available for additional studio locations and corporate wellness programs.




Bethaney began practicing yoga as a way to stay centered, balanced, and active while working as an elementary school teacher. Her natural affinity toward teaching and sharing the things she is passionate about lead her easily into her first certifications in both yoga and Pilates. She earned her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification in the Samatva Yoga Teacher Training Program with Karen Prior. Her teaching style has since been inspired by teachers such as Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Tiffany Cruikshank, Dice Iida-Klein & Briohny Smyth as well as countless fellow yogis who have inspired her own practice along the way. “I enjoy being a student just as much as being a teacher. Life is about giving and receiving in the same breath.” Bethaney, her husband, and two sons enjoy living and owning a small business here in the community they love. Since opening the first doors to Inspire Yoga in 2010, a thriving community has grown where everyone is welcomed, guided, and connected.




Ten years ago, Mary pressed pause on a promising advertising career to create a new one with her passion for yoga instead. Since then, she has immersed herself into learning everything she can about this practice and discipline so that she could help others in some way. "I believe that our ultimate purpose in life is to help others expand, learn, grow, heal and connect; yoga is a powerful modality for that". Mary’s style of teaching melds levity and anatomy to deliver a challenging and fun practice. She currently teaches group classes in our Highland Village location, as well as private lessons and workshops on topics like meditation, asana and yoga lifestyle at all three Inspire locations. She’s been inspired by teachers such as Dharma Mittra, Dice Ida-Klein and Briohny Smyth, Kathryn Budig, Taylor Harkness, Tiffany Cruikshank and many local instructors in the DFW area. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, learning, exploring, music, art and most importantly, laughter.




Tatiana began teaching at Inspire since we first opened our doors. Her yoga journey began when a knee injury prevented her from doing all of the high impact activities she loved. She sought out yoga as a way to stay active, heal, and find a balance for her Type A personality. Little did she know that the yogic lifestyle would be her calling. She started to feel the benefits of the practice immediately- both physically and mentally. The stress and pains of life turned into blessings in disguise. She pursued her 200 & 500 hour Yoga Trainings to learn more and deepen her knowledge. Her classes are a reflection of her unique spirit. She creates challenging flows that cause you to look deep within yourself. Her nurturing yet empowering presence inspires inner strength, confidence, and peacefulness in all her students. Tatiana received the Live Your Dream award in 2013 because of her innovative ability to lead others with a positive and authentic attitude. "I LIVE MY DREAM because I get to do what I love surrounded by a community of yogis who accept me exactly as I am. This is my life, my truth, my journey.” Tatiana is currently the studio director at Inspire Yoga Highland Village and continues to teach on our regular schedule.




Nancy's yoga journey began after the loss of a close friend. She found her time on the mat to be a welcoming place to walk through the healing process. Nancy also found that yoga was a perfect fit for her since it combined well with her passion and appreciation for nutrition, self-love, and personal growth. Nancy graduated from the 200 hour Yoga Training program at Inspire Yoga and immediately began teaching, spreading the love of yoga with joy, compassion and grace. She has also completed the Inspire Yoga 300 hour yoga training program and is continually working to develop an even deeper knowledge base for her teaching. Her strengths are in teaching flow classes, deep stretching such as Yin, and one-on-one lessons. She also leads a 4-week self-love workshop entitled "Thrive Program" annually at the studio. Nancy is married to her best friend Colin and they live in Denton, Texas where they love to spend time with family and friends.




April began her yoga journey about thirteen years ago as a way to cope with being a full time mom and foster parent. She loved the empowerment of the movements mixed with the relaxation of the mind. After being curious about teacher training for a couple of years, she took the leap in the Spring of 2017. She now hopes to share her love of the practice with her community in Grapevine and foster a broader understanding of yogic principles. When not doing yoga, April can be found serving her community by volunteering for the Boy Scout of America which gives her the opportunity to explore the outdoors and work with youth; passions she shares with her husband and two sons. Additionally, she deeply loves her faith, a good book, and a great meal.



Adri is an International Vinyasa Yoga teacher, and Power Pilates instructor with many years of experience. Thanks to her extensive studies and continuous trainings, she has created a unique approach on how she teaches yoga. Adri’s mission is to help you awaken and reconnect with your Inner Beauty helping you live your life to your fullest potential. Her welcoming and caring approach will inspire you on and off the mat. During her classes she will make you feel empowered and connected to your breath while guiding you through an amazing practice infused with great music. Adri has been able to travel the world sharing her creative flows and uplifting practices. She also enjoys sharing her love for the yogic lifestyle by writing articles for various online blogs and forums. Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or you are a seasoned practitioner, Adri's unique multi-level approach is inviting to students at every level. She will encourage you to go to your edge and deepen your practice to find that place where transformation begins to happen on and off the mat.



Leila’s own practice began with something as simple as a new year’s commitment to just try something new – the same kind of quiet inspiration that provokes change in all of us. Her first experiences with yoga inspired her to earn a 200 & 500 hour Yoga Training certifications in 2008 & 2010. The driving forces behind Leila’s teaching are simple: to cultivate mindfulness, discipline and a light heart. She has an affinity for working with beginners and those managing illness or injury. Her teaching is also informed by her studies of the philosophy, literature and history of yoga and other Eastern traditions. You will find the influences of countless teachers in her practice – including that of Dr. Georg Feuerstein, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Judith Lasater and Paula Weithman; as well as “anyone who has ever rolled out a mat or sat on a cushion alongside my own.” Leila is a primary instructor for the IYS 300 hour advanced teacher training program and conducts workshops in Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Working with Beginners and more.




Dena started her physical practice in 2008 at the gym when she challenged herself to try all the classes on the schedule. This was when she fell in love with the physical practice of yoga. It was the first time she felt not only strong but also graceful. This experience showed her that it was okay to let go of the idea that she was competing and never quite good enough. As she continued to practice Dena became curious about the other aspects of yoga besides just the physical so she began studying the eight limbs of yoga on her own. Through a dear friend, Dena tried a few classes at Inspire and found what she needed. She knew that she had found a place that would be very special to her life. After a few years, she was led to teacher training through a meditation on the throat chakra. The Inspire Yoga Teacher Training gave her the space, support and confidence to heal deeply held, limiting beliefs and in turn, to find her voice. She loves to weave yoga principles, philosophy and mythology into her classes as well as offer physically challenging vinyasa classes.



Ever since Tara walked into her first yoga class in 2000, she cannot help but share this amazing practice with as many people as she can. “After my first class it became very clear to me how vastly rich the practice of yoga is in its ability to integrate the body, mind and spirit.” Tara has since completed a 200 hour Yoga Training program, 500 hour training in Yoga Therapy, and is certified to teach Adaptive Yoga to students with MS. She has a disciplined teaching style that is both therapeutic and challenging inspiring students with her playful spirit and wacky sense of humor. Tara has been an avid student of yoga and developed an eclectic mix of yoga methods from numerous teachers such as Seane Corn, Beryl Bender Birch, Rod Stryker, Baron Baptiste, Doug Swenson, Dharma Mittra, Shiva Rea and many others.



Rachel began her yoga journey in 1999, after taking her first class she knew that this practice would always be a part of her life. Rachel recently graduated from Inspire Yoga School 300 hour training program and her desire to share yoga with others radiates in her teaching style. She encourages students to be true to who they are both on and off the mat- these words spoken by her teacher have resonated in her soul. When teaching, she takes herself back to her first yoga experiences and tries to inspire each student to follow their heart. Rachel’s classes leave you feeling renewed and recharged. In 2003, she opened a yoga studio in Denton, Texas, operated it for 3 years, and decided to take some time away to raise her family. She loves taking pictures of her kids, spending time with her husband, and listening to great music.

KATRINA RODIONOVA Inspire Yoga Graduate


Katrina is a graduate of the Inspire Yoga Training program and is also a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist from the Himalayan Institute. Katrina was a professional competitor in rhythmic gymnastics in Saint-Petersburg, Russia before coming to the United States in 2002. In America, she worked in several different fields related to health, alternative healing, and physical and mental well-being. In 2011, Katrina found Inspire Yoga and all of the pieces of her previous work began to fall into place as her true passion was revealed. From her first yoga class to her journey through teacher training, she has strengthened her conviction in the healing powers of body, mind, and spirit working together. "I have a deep respect for the yoga traditions and the power it has to improve people's life on all levels. My goal is to help students become more happy and free through yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle." Her expansive knowledge in astrology, chakras, and transcendental meditation allows her to guide her students on their own discovery of true physical and spiritual healing through the practices of yoga and meditation.

JENNIFER WILFORD Inspire Yoga Graduate


Jennifer initially pursued yoga as a way to stay injury free while training for marathons, but eventually was hooked by the physical strength, enhanced flexibility and mental balance she found from the practice. “While flexibility and core strength are great benefits, yoga hooked me once I figured out how to carry it off the mat. I embrace life more fully and completely. It’s been a game-changer.” Having run the Boston Marathon the last seven consecutive years, she is aware first-hand of the hamstrung hamstrings and tight hips that are problematic in distance runners. While running stokes her competitive side, her love of yoga is rooted in its ability to merge physical movement with mindfulness. Jen is a graduate of the Inspire Yoga School Training program and is a certified distance running coach. She coaches runners and walkers of all abilities, and teaches a complimentary all-levels flow class at Luke’s Locker in the Shops at Highland Village.

MARY DUNKLIN Inspire Yoga Graduate


Mary has an affinity for teaching those who think that yoga isn't for them. She works with a diverse mix of clients -- from athletes to seniors to cancer patients -- and weaves the healing benefits of yoga and meditation into all of her classes. Regardless of age or experience, students find Mary's teaching style welcoming and inclusive. She is a Yoga Bridge Yoga for Cancer teacher and a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer. Mary is pursuing her 500 hour certification through Inspire Yoga's 300 hour training. Outside the yoga room, Mary is a lifelong journalist and is currently the editor of The Dallas Morning News' Home section. Mary lives in Highland Village with her husband and preschool yogini, Lily, who reminds her daily to find joy in everything.



Rachael instantly fell in love with the yoga practice from the first time she unrolled her mat. Connecting the body’s movement with expansive breathing and beautiful poses had her hooked. Upon graduating from Texas A&M and moving back home to start her Masters program, her mom and sister introduced her to a new studio – Inspire Yoga. After about six months of consistent practice, Rachael’s daily outlook became more positive, her body became stronger, and her passion for the practice grew. Curiosity for learning more about yoga and the desire to share this passion with others led her to start the Inspire Yoga School training in the fall of 2013. She soon graduated with the confidence to start teaching immediately. The magic of this practice is in how uniquely different it is for everybody. Yoga gives us the opportunity to slow down, take a breath, and express gratitude.



Brenton has been interested in the fundamental mystery of reality for as long as he can remember. After exploring seated meditation in his youth, Brent had his first experience with yoga asana at Inspire Yoga's flagship studio. In order to deepen his practice, Brenton enrolled in the Inspire Yoga Foundational 200 hour training. Soon after completion of his training, Brent participated in six months of a residential volunteer program at Kripalu Center where he experienced the traditional practices of hatha yoga. Brent's classes strive to engage students in mindful movement while dissolving self-imposed boundaries. In addition to yoga, Brenton enjoys preparing ancestrally inspired meals, spending time in wild nature, optimizing his health and wellness, and communing with loved ones.



Christian is a graduate of the Inspire Yoga Teacher Training program and teaches an all-levels flow class. A lifelong athlete of tennis, soccer and all watersports, his classes focus on strength and flexibility while using the breath to bring balance to his student's practice. After finding that balance in his own practice, he strives to bring that awareness to his students thru a creative class and his love of music. Christian's path into yoga started six years ago when his best friend urged him to try a class for the first time. From that first class, he knew he had found that missing element from not only his physical fitness but also from his mental and spiritual journey. He continued his practice at countless studios and gyms in the Dallas area never really finding a 
real community connection. After returning to the 'burbs a few years ago, his practice brought him to Inspire and the rest is history. It was here, in this amazing community that he took the journey to become an instructor. Yoga brings balance to his career in graphic design where he works with magazines, catalogs and journals both in print and web. He is a self-described 'foodie' that enjoys cooking and baking and torturing his family and friends with all things chocolate. When not practicing yoga, you will find him planting something in his yard or keeping up with his teenage son; whom he lives with along with his partner in Highland Village.

ERIKA RECORD Inspire Yoga Graduate


Erika first turned to yoga in 2013 for exercise and stress relief during graduate school. It wasn't long before she realized the extensive benefits of the practice beyond the mat. Yoga empowered and strengthened her while also helping to find peace and serenity within chaos. These powerful effects motivated Erika to become a yoga teacher, and she swiftly enrolled in the 200 hour training program at Inspire Yoga. Erika has spent most of her life dancing, and her training is a large part of her movement and class sequencing. She incorporates elements of grace and strength into her classes so students feel as if they are flowing through their own yoga dance. Erika's strengths are teaching Vinyasa Flow and Slow Flow classes, which are known to include fun music playlists, creative sequencing, core work, and plenty of anatomical cueing. Erika believes that you can achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance from a consistent yoga practice, and she hopes to share the benefits of yoga with as many people as possible. Erika is a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher and also holds an MFA in Dance from Texas Women's University. In addition to teaching yoga, Erika teaches in the Department of Dance at Texas Woman's University and Tarrant County College. Erika is mama to a feisty, orange cat, named Oliver, who loves to join her on her yoga mat from time to time.

CRYSTAL HANKEL Inspire Yoga Graduate


Crystal comes from a fitness background and is a former Collegiate athlete. She originally sought out yoga to help prevent injury and work on overall mobility, but ended up falling in love with mindfulness and the community. Crystal is a local Denton Chiropractor who focuses on functional movement and soft tissue work. She loves to bring anatomy and fixes to everyday postural issues into her classes when she teaches. Crystal Teaches Inspire Hot Vinyasa and is a graduate from the 200 hour Inspire Yoga Teacher Training.

ALANA SPEED Inspire Yoga Graduate


Alana Speed is a 200-hour graduate from the Inspire Yoga teacher training program and has also received a certification in "Understanding and Teaching Yin Yoga" through Nancy Nelson Yoga. Alana landed on Inspire Yoga's doorstep after battling anxiety her sophomore year in college at the University of North Texas. Soon after beginning her practice at Inspire, she decided to become an Inspire Yoga certified yoga teacher. Alana recently graduated from UNT with her Bachelor's in Public Relations and Marketing as her minor. She currently lives in Denton with her beloved chihuahua and tail-less kitty. When she's not teaching, you can find her reading, eating breakfast for dinner, wakesurfing or partaking in lots of self-care. She currently teaches each class style that Inspire Yoga offers at both the Denton and Grapevine locations. In her classes, you can expect fluidity, a smooth playlist, creative sequences and a compassion-centered philosophy.

Karen Pidlaoan Inspire Yoga graduate

Karen Pidlaoan

Karen first turned to yoga in 2013 to compliment her weight-lifting routine. Her intentions were purely aesthetic at first, but with time, it helped her through a rough transitional period of her life. Through yoga and Inspire Yoga’s 200 hour Teacher Training program she found empowerment, self-compassion, and peace. She views her practice as a means to find clarity in moments of chaos, and as a tool for both mental and physical growth. Karen is a strong believer in growing comfortable with the uncomfortable, and believes that yoga provides a safe space to test these waters. With a warm, light heart and an inclination to empower others, she strives to facilitate a safe and welcoming space for all students. When off the mat, you can expect Karen to be experimenting with new restaurants and recipes, or snuggling up with her cat and favourite yoga companion, Hrothgar.

MELYSSA DAHLGREN Inspire Yoga Graduate


Melyssa took her first yoga class in her junior year of college and fell in love. She began searching for a community that would guide her through the ancient practice of yoga. That's when she found Inspire yoga and immediately signed up for Inspire Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. “At first I wanted to learn more for my own practice, after the training I knew it was a gift and I wanted to pass the torch of what I had learned to others seeking guidance on their own journey.” The training helped her overcome her fear of public speaking by allowing her to speak from the heart to her fellow yogis. Her teaching style has been influenced by all the Inspire oga instructors, Tara Stiles, Kino MacGregor, and her fellow practitioners. Her calming and grounding voice guides her students to a peaceful mind and joyful disposition. She recently graduated with a BS in Nutrition in Wellness; her ultimate goal is to help others help themselves so that together we can make a positive impact on each other and our environment. She believes she can help the world one yogi at a time. Melyssa enjoys traveling, adventures outdoors, and the company of her family.

Eileen Yuille Inspire Yoga Graduate

Eileen Yuille

Eileen is a Texas transplant, moving down here from northern Illinois long ago enough to say "y'all" but not long enough to stop saying "pop". Her path to yoga began in Ohio where she took her first yoga class to fulfill her PE requirement in college. Growing up, she was a ballet and tap dancer and was instantly drawn to yoga with the mindful connection to movement. After moving to Denton in 2015, she started practicing at Inspire Yoga and knew she found her community. Her practice evolved and deepened and she decided to do her 200 hour training with Inspire Yoga School. In her classes, she aims to cultivate mindfulness and confidence in all of her students. Understanding that we should strive for progress, not perfection, her goal is to challenge the body in order to quiet the mind.

Angela Hendry-Wabel Inspire Yoga Graduate

Angela Hendry-Wabel

A Swiss native, Angela gave up her career as a HR manager and coach four years ago to move across the globe with her husband's company to Texas. Finding balance on and off the mat is her mantra. Juggling life with two toddlers so far from family is not always easy and her daily yoga-aromatherapy practice is what keeps her rooted and balanced. Her yoga journey started when she was a teenager while taking a yoga class with her mom. Angela became a yoga teacher because she wanted to inspire people just as she had been inspired -- to help people find a sense of peace and contentment. Angela's whole heart goes into the yoga classes she creates. Her goal is to go above and beyond and design classes that incorporate all the human senses. As a certified aromatherapist, Angela likes to incorporate essential oils into her yoga classes. Life is all about balance for Angela. You can find her teaching challenging and creative Inspire Vinyasa flows and in turn countering the yang with her grounding and balancing Yin classes.

Jennifer McElroy

Jennifer McElroy

Jennifer encountered yoga in 2013 while teaching and living in Thailand as a way to stay active and deal with feelings of homesickness and restlessness. What started off as learning about the practice through YouTube yoga tutorials turned into a deep love with the intricacies of the breath and the body as a way to deepen her own relationship with her inner spirit. Jennifer completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Saudi Arabia through YogaMaze in 2014 and began teaching just a week upon her completion. Being able to see the practice of yoga as a universal language across all cultures and individuals was a powerful sentiment for her. In 2015, Jennifer completed her 300 hour YTT and Reiki certificates with Meghan Currie in Nicaragua where she gained more confidence in her physical practice as well as her ability to use her voice and knowledge to teach others with authenticity. Jennifer loves using and teaching pranayama breath work to help calm the spirit and mind. Her favorite style of yoga is a continual vinyasa flow sprinkled in with bits of yogic philosophy as a way to tie in the tradition of the practice with the movements of the body. You can usually find Jennifer in the Denton area, whether it be scoping out live music, getting out on the water, or simply surrounding herself with her friends and adorable kitten.

Phillip Bossant

Phillip Bossant

"Bo" is from the San Fransisco Bay Area where he became totally fascinated with yoga and continued on to become a certified instructor. He is very interested in cross discipline practice and how yoga can enhance and enrich our wellness by unlocking potential. Yoga is in his heart and spirit and he's been immersed in it ever since being hooked from his very first experience. It's a magnificent practice, from its mental and physically liberating aspects, to its spirit of joy. He enjoys flow and has a deep passion for Yin in particular with strong influences from Bernie Clark and Paul and Suzee Grilley. His classes offer significant balance and enhancement to Yang Yoga, as well as other practices and activities. Whatever your level or need there is something for you here. He welcomes the opportunity to share an environment for you to practice, heal, or explore your own needs.

Rachel Swan Inspire Yoga Graduate

Rachel Swan

Rachel is a born and raised Texan. Yoga was an immediate fit for her because she finds the mat to be a place to slow down and tune inward in the midst of a busy life. She believes yoga gives us permission to slow our pace but also provides a physical and mental challenge for the practitioner. It's a discipline that meets us wherever we are in life. In 2016, she graduated from Inspire Yoga's 200 hour teacher training program. Rachel's classes are for you - no matter your age, stage, size or level of ability. Just show up! Rachel is a wife and mother to three wonderful young men who inspire her to be a better person daily. Rachel Strives to live up to their view of her. She loves spending time with her family in any way she can manage to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Outside of yoga, she enjoys most any outdoor activity such as gardening, swimming, walks, hikes, and running. She also loves traveling and live music. Basically - she gravitates toward being on the move!

PENNY RACKLEY Certified Life Coach


Penny leads the LIFEinspired program at Inspire Yoga - a free, 45 minute, small group life coaching session intended for introspection and inspiration toward confidently leading yourself on your life journey. Penny’s first love has always been helping others see, know and appreciate themselves for their own individual strengths and values. She greatly enjoys guiding clients to define their dreams, set meaningful goals and live with certainty and passion. As a coach, Penny helps clients stay focused on their goals, keeps them accountable to the promises they make to themselves, and perhaps most importantly, ensures that they enjoy the journey of positive change and growth. Based in Flower Mound, Texas, Penny is a graduate of the Gardner Institute’s Core Coaching and Mindset for Success programs, and coaches both locally and long-distance. You can receive more information, set up a private and confidential consultations with Penny, or attend LIFEinspired by contacting Inspire Yoga anytime.

ADAM PILAT 300 HR Adjunct Trainer


Adam enjoys being the quiet and steady support behind the exceptional instructor community at Inspire Yoga.