The Wise Heart

posted by Rachel Merriman

Yoga has been a part of my life for some time now. One of my favorite memories through this journey has been my current teacher training and coincidentally, the reason behind my workshop.

The training itself is amazing and informative and I can’t think of a better place than Inspire Yoga to have had this experience…and before this sounds like a plug, ha!…let me get to my point. The people that have surrounded me through this journey have been some of the most supportive, compassionate souls that I have ever encountered. I would venture to say that many of them would agree with me. We have shared stories, heartache, tough decisions and moments of breaking down.

It became a place not just of learning how to be a better yoga teacher, but a place of letting go, figuring things out, and knowing that its okay to be vulnerable.  

Yes, along the way, we also learned many tools in the training such as meditation and pranayama that as long as we were willing, proved to be affective in quieting the mind, calming the soul and helping us to find our way; but it was the fact that we had each other’s support to be authentic that truly made it work.

I believe that modern culture so often wants us to appear untouched and to move more quickly through tough situations, experiences, and decisions. We are all guilty of it. Brushing them under the rug, making brash decisions and denying the depth of the human feelings that are attached to our experiences. We tend to forget the importance of taking a harder look at our fears and honoring our thoughts and feelings and we lose out on the possibility of finding growth and learning.

I feel that the most authentic way to get past our trials, tough choices and tribulations is to move through them. We need to change our mindset from seeing all things mentally and emotionally challenging as something gone wrong and weak, because the truth is, it’s whats gives us strength of will and what makes us who we are. Its our essence of being human, of being on the journey from here to there, and figuring it all out along the way.

This is the reason behind my workshop. I want people to know that its okay to be vulnerable when faced with adversity, okay to feel, and to think, and to move through it rather than around it, and to have learned some tools in my workshop to make it through just a little easier.

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This is a donation-based workshop. All contributions will be given to, an organization that offers mindfulness training to teachers, parents, social workers and other adults. The training is used in schools, homes, and therapy for kids to teach them ways to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

Rachel began her yoga journey in 1999, after taking her first class she knew that this practice would always be a part of her life. Rachel recently graduated from Inspire Yoga School 300 hour training program and her desire to share yoga with others radiates in her teaching style. She encourages students to be true to who they are both on and off the mat- these words spoken by her teacher have resonated in her soul. When teaching, she takes herself back to her first yoga experiences and tries to inspire each student to follow their heart. Rachel’s classes leave you feeling renewed and recharged. In 2003, she opened a yoga studio in Denton, Texas, operated it for 3 years, and decided to take some time away to raise her family. She loves taking pictures of her kids, spending time with her husband, and listening to great music.

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