Karma Service Application

Variable scholarships are available for the 200 hour foundational teacher training or the 300 hour advanced teacher training programs. Karma service opportunities are available at our studios for interested yogis.

Application Requirements

  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Complete a personal interview
  • Meet the requirements of the Karma Service
  • Be or become an active student at Inspire Yoga


  • Become an Inspire Yoga Certified Teacher at a deeply discounted tuition
  • Receive membership benefits to the “Best Yoga Studio in Denton County”
  • Build valuable interpersonal skills and be part of an exceptional team
  • Obtain real-world business knowledge in the yoga industry
  • Access to all of Inspire Yoga’s national presenters’ workshops, great teacher trainings and workshops held by our own inspiring instructors, and fun events that we host and sponsor.



Scholarship recipient agrees to all the terms of the scholarship. Recipient acknowledges service hours to INSPIRE YOGA are a required part of the training experience. Discounted tuition has been provided in advance due to the recipient’s ability to meet all of the requirements of the Karma Service terms. Inability to uphold the Scholarship or Karma Service Terms will result in termination from the teacher training program. Any tuition, paid or pending, will not be refunded or excused in such case.

Recipient agrees to accept service shifts to complete at INSPIRE YOGA for the duration specified below. Recipient accepts responsibility for providing an agreed upon number of hours of service at INSPIRE YOGA in exchange for a portion of the tuition to be relieved. During which time, the Recipient agrees to act as a service staff member of INSPIRE YOGA and uphold all the standards of quality, care, and service that INSPIRE YOGA expects. The expected schedule for karma service will be set by the INSPIRE YOGA Studio Director based on the preferences below and studio needs. The continued benefits of the scholarship are contingent upon the Recipient’s ability to commit to the Karma Service.

Karma Service

The Applicant/Recipient must select and agree to a regular weekly Service Shift/s at Inspire Yoga. Service commitment and Tuition discount will be determined by the applicant and the Studio Director upon meeting. Shift start and end times are subject to change depending on Inspire Yoga's current class schedule and the Scholarship Recipient's Teacher Training weekend schedule of required classroom hours. Scholarship Recipient may pick up additional shifts at the discretion of the INSPIRE YOGA Studio Director. The Karma Service Scholarship Agreement will be complete when the total hours have been met.

Please check any/all shifts that would work for you.

Monday morning between 7:45am – 12:15pmMonday evenings between 3:30pm – 8:30pmTuesday morning between 7:45am – 12:15pmTuesday evenings between 3:30pm – 8:30pmWednesday morning between 7:45am – 12:15pmWednesday evenings between 3:30pm – 8:30pmThursday morning between 7:45am – 12:15pmThursday evenings between 3:30pm – 8:30pmFriday morning between 7:45am – 12:15pmFriday evenings between 3:30pm – 8:30pmSaturday mornings from 7:45am – 12:30pmSunday mornings from 9:30am – 12:30pmSunday evenings from 4:00pm – 6:30pm


Be an Inspire Yoga® ambassador! As a part of our membership team, take part in cultivating a welcoming and uplifting environment for our yogis. As an active participant in this program, you will receive free yoga membership at IY!

Interested in learning more? Email info@inspireyoga.com