Inspire Yoga Colleyville Instructor Spotlight – Melanie Taylor

The Inspire Yoga Colleyville team has been assembled! We couldn’t be happier to open our doors with such dynamic teachers who really offer something so unique to the students coming to visit our studio. We are kicking off our Instructor Spotlight with an instructor you may already be familiar with from Inspire Yoga Grapevine [insert drum roll here]…

Melanie Taylor! Melanie has taught several classes for Inspire Grapevine over the last year or so but has also been such a friendly and supportive face to many who know her in the DFW yoga community. Melanie will also be leading our Bend & Brew class this Friday at the Grapevine location – only a few spots remain.

Read up on her and come take her class (or meet for some brew after!) to see what Melanie will be offering up in Colleyville!

We had the chance to ask Mel a few questions regarding her life on and off the mat. 

Melanie, mind telling us a little bit about your yoga origin story?

I had practiced yoga for about 10 years before I made the decision to learn more and take my 200 hour teacher training. Once I did, I knew in every way that teaching yoga was a part of my life’s mission and that my life had changed forever!

Inspire Yoga Colleyville Instructor Melanie Taylor
Melanie Taylor

That’s so cool! You really lived the whole motto of “student first, teacher second.” What is one thing you would say everyone should do at least once in their life?

I had a teacher say years ago that we should always do (at least) one thing each day that scares us. It’s taken me awhile to truly realize the wisdom in this since fear, transmuted, is really love! Practice turning fear into love as often as possible, and for me, skydiving was for sure one of those transformative experiences! Just sayin!;)

Skydiving is definitely on my bucket list! Speaking of fear, the last few months have been a whirlwind of stepping foot into the unknown. How do you personally see the next few months ahead going for you?

In the coming months I’m looking forward to the spectacular unknown! I’ve been given months of reflection, uncertainty, introspection, and awareness that have challenged my focus to my blessings. I know it’s been a challenging time, maybe the hardest in anyone’s recent memory. However, I know that growth and transformation often first resemble destruction. I look forward to seeing what we’re all going to build in the new spaces that have been made!

Melanie no doubt serves IT up in the studio space. She brings an intensity accessible to all levels and is a master weaver of wisdom into the flows, along with some amazing playlists! Keep your eyes peeled for Melanie’s schedule on the Inspire Yoga Colleyville studio page! For unlimited access to Melanie’s classes, lock in your Founding Membership before they are gone.

We’ll see you on the mat. 

5 thoughts on “Inspire Yoga Colleyville Instructor Spotlight – Melanie Taylor”

  1. I’ll be at her Bend and Brew this Friday! A few spots left to sign up but stay tuned for her class schedule and other instructor blogs in the coming days and weeks!

  2. I’m beyond excited to get to be a part of this team with such amazing experienced teachers!!! I can not wait to take Mel’s classes!!!!

  3. Bend and Brew this Friday is a great way to celebrate the innagural team!!! There are Great yoga classes coming to a Colleyville yoga studio near you!!! Melanie – thanks for kicking things off! It will be a fun ride into the unknown.

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