Inspire Yoga Colleyville Instructor Spotlight – Diane Pintar

Well friends, it’s that time again! It makes our hearts so warm and happy to see our team of yoga instructors come together and even happier to announce our next Inspire Yoga Colleyville Instructor Spotlight!

This week we are featuring a familiar face around these parts in the yoga community. Diane Pintar! Sign up NOW on the Colleyville Studio Page to save your spot in Diane’s heated Slow Flow class this Thursday, October 15 at 5:30 pm at Colleyville. Remember, this week is a whole week of FREE yoga! Get a double-dose of Diane on Friday, October 16th for her first Bend & Brew class at Inspire Yoga Grapevine

Peep below to check out our conversation with Diane and get a deeper insight into her background and vibe! 

Every yoga origin story is so unique and captures the beauty of how so many of our paths wind and wind to lead us right here, exactly where we need to be. What’s your story and path to teaching yoga?

My journey into yoga began 18 years ago right after I had my oldest son. I decided that I wanted to be in shape so I could keep up with him, so I began with some Rodney Yee videos at home and was hooked! I then met a friend who was a yoga teacher wanting to open her own studio, so I helped her create that space and grew even more involved in all things yoga. That was when I went through my first 200 hour YTT while at her studio. It was an amazing and immersive experience, but unfortunately I moved to Arizona before doing my final written exam, so I didn’t get my official certificate. That led to a period of time where I was frustrated with what I’d just gone through and I let yoga slip from my life for a while. Once we moved to Texas, I began my love affair with yoga once again! I was super active in the yoga community in Colleyville, and when local teacher training was offered, my husband surprised me and signed me up! (Talk about supportive, right?! ) Since graduating from YTT with my 200 hour cert, I’ve worked at several studios teaching everything from hot vinyasa, to kids yoga, to yoga Nidra!  

Yes to Rodney Yee! He was always an inspiration in all things yoga and teaching. Who inspires you to be better in your own life?

My kids. I sometimes see my less desirable habits popping up in their behavior (Full disclosure- I tend to yell at other cars while driving. Lol) and it causes me to pause and reevaluate the example I’m setting, then I try to provide a better example. 

In your opinion, what is something everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Hmmm….that’s tough since everyone’s life journey is so unique, but maybe to have the opportunity to travel alone. Even if it’s just out into the woods for an overnight camp out under the stars, or traveling to the furthest corners of the world, just the chance to be alone with yourself without other influences over where you go, or what you do is so freeing. 

I couldn’t agree more. Time alone, to tune inwards, is the most freeing thing. That’s why so many of us turn to yoga, I think. Speaking of, what made you want to become a yoga instructor?

I fell in love with yoga and how it made me feel 18 years ago. It’s been a long journey to become a teacher, with many breaks along the way, but ultimately I realized how much better of a person, wife, mother, friend, and just general version of myself I am when I practice, and I wanted to share that experience with everyone else too! 

What are some small things that make your day better?

Coffee in the morning, a nice message from a friend, fun mail in my mailbox, sunshine, time to read, good music on the radio. 

What are you looking forward to over the next couple of months?

New adventures ahead in teaching, spending more time creating and growing my candle business, and creating fun memories with my family during the holidays! 

Thank you Diane for taking the time to connect and we can’t wait to experience all that you have to offer us and our students over here at Inspire Yoga Colleyville!

You can expect lots of love from Diane over at our Colleyville location. Grab your Founding Membership now before they are all gone by our opening week. See you on the mat.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting you Diane and taking some great yoga classes in Colleyville. It is exciting to see the Colleyville Yoga Studio open now and even more exciting to see a great team come together!

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