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Why Inspire Yoga: Build Community (5 of 8)

posted by Adam Pilat

We’ve come a long way, huh? We’ve dissected what it truly means to make space in your life, how uncomfortable the change can be at first, and yet, how wonderful it can be to embrace learning something new that brings a fire and passion back into your heart. Before you move along, make sure to […]

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Inspire Yoga’s Pose of the Month: Wild Thing

posted by Alana Speed

Happy Monday, Inspire Yogis! I am excited to announce that we will be starting to do yoga poses of the month, featuring students and teachers at the Denton and Highland Village (& hopefully Grapevine) studios! In these blogs, my hopes for you is to explore the benefits of different asanas, find variations and warm-ups for […]

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Inspire Yoga® Grapevine NOW OPEN

posted by Nancy Nelson

Inspire Yoga selected the thriving and centrally located cultural center of Grapevine, Texas for location number three! 400 E. Dallas Rd. Suite 400, Grapevine, TX OPENED AUGUST 2018! After operating 8 years in Highland Village and 3 years in Denton, we are blessed with many amazing relationships in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.  We give thanks […]

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