Category: 300 Hour Journey

An Interview with 2015 Live Your Dream Winner, Leanne Schulz

posted by Nancy Nelson

Be who you are meant to be. The Live Your Dream Community Leadership Award program is designed to help focused, passionate individuals make strides in our community and impact the lives of others. Each year, we choose one yogi from our Inspire Yoga training programs who has shown exemplary performance in the training and has a vision for […]

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I Can Do This – A Journey Through Inspire Yoga’s 300hr Training

posted by Madison Borowitz

Photography: Adriana Salazar Caro When I first heard that I had been given the opportunity to take Inspire Yoga’s 300hr training, I couldn’t stop thinking about what a huge opportunity it would be for me to become who I want to be on my mat. Of course that was followed by a lot of questions. […]

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