A Letter From Adam

posted by Adam Pilat

Dear friends,

This August marks the successful close of Inspire Yoga’s first full year in Denton, TX at 321 W. Hickory. With your enthusiastic support we have securely integrated with the community and created a beautifully growing nucleus of giving, loving support and friendship which you helped to begin and now enjoy. For this I am quite grateful.

It is my personal journey at this time to offer something more back into this nucleus.

With a goal of nurturing new leaders, giving of my time, and learning to create in new ways… I am pleased to
offer my time and assistance to individuals who feel they may benefit from a Mentor/Mentee relationship.

Bearing no certifications other than my comfort level related to business, job seeking, finances, life, faith, and other general areas as my simply living to see age 40 may or may not have qualified me to advice upon… I must caution the reader to head the old adages of “you get what you pay for” because this offer is completely free to those selected.

Best Regards,

Adam Pilat

Only active Inspire Yoga Members are eligible for this mentorship program. If you are potentially interested, please contact Nancy for more details.


Adam Pilat crafted his career in preparation of entrepreneurial leadership. After completing a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 1999 with a focus on scale-up processes he used seventeen years of employment to intentionally and sequentially experience cultures and infrastructures first within a $5B company, second a $300M company, and now a $20M company. Having been an asset to employers in functional roles of engineering, operations management, and procurement, he most recently spent ten years as a Sales Manager for REM Surface Engineering. He enjoys the challenge of growing this small organization by negotiating long-term agreements for a unique technology and intellectual property. While his first entrepreneurial adventures began in the third grade loaning clip-on ties to forgetful private school children and selling flavored toothpicks on the playground, his first larger scale commitment was seven years as a residential landlord with a successful exit. This was followed by the current role and exciting adventure of growing Inspire Yoga from the ground up. Adam has lived in Flower Mound, TX since 2005 and has been married to Bethaney Pilat since 2003. He enjoys spending time with his eight-year-old boy, trail running, hiking, chess, and lots of good yoga classes.

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