Yoga & Motherhood | How Yoga has Impacted the Mother + Child Relationship

posted by Nancy Nelson

Though I am not a mother myself, I am daily impacted by these women. It is undeniable that motherhood is a very special part of this life. These women are loving and strong, they are real, and they are inspiring. In honor of Mother’s Day today, we have gathered some personal stories of how yoga has impacted the relationship of mother and child.

If you would like to share your own story on the topic, feel free to leave a comment! These are the stories that connect us in community and help us grow as well as stay encouraged.

“Yoga helps me set a good example for my 5-year-old daughter, Lily. Kids emulate what they see. When I practice yoga at home, before long she will be on her mat right next to me. When I practice at a studio, she always asks me what I did in class that day. Sharing yoga with her is a way to teach her about the importance of taking time to care for her body. Planting these seeds of self-care in her will create habits to keep her healthier and happier her entire life.” [Mary Dunklin]

“Yoga helped me in many ways that I did not expect. Of course, I saw and felt the common benefits we are all aware of but I also saw how it helped me become a better mom. I was more patient, in a better mood, and able to connect with my baby better. I started to include yoga poses as fun things to do with my son. It became a special game with did together. I was able to also introduce him to certain topics I have learned or read. He may not have understood some of the concepts right away, but I felt I was planting the seeds that some day would bloom… As the years have gone by we are able to have deeper conversations and teachable moments that have helped me see my boy grow into a remarkable young man. Last summer he asked me to do a yoga pose with him everyday. Sometimes he sits next to me to meditate and a few times he has done it on his own. I feel like yoga has helped me connect with my son throughout the years on a deeper level and it is something special that brings us closer together.” [Adri Kyser]

“Yoga has helped me be a better mother by letting me practice acceptance, strength, and grace. Motherhood is full of ups and downs and yoga helps me to stay in balance with my emotions, actions, and reactions.” [Bethaney Pilat]

“Yoga has taught me to go with the flow and let go of control. That lesson translates into motherhood for me EVERY SINGLE DAY. Trying to plan each stage of your yoga practice is similar to preparing for a 2 year old’s tantrum in Walmart over a bent sucker stick.” [Mary Wilkinson]

“If I had to pick one way that Yoga has helped me be a better mother it would be that there is no “perfect”.  No perfect way to parent. No perfect child. No perfect parent.  But that we (me, my husband, and my boys) are all doing the best we can.  It can be very hard and messy and it can be filled with disappointment but it is also beautiful, filled with laughter and love and the most fulfilling job I will ever do. That this imperfect parent is creating imperfect and amazing boys to be fearless in the world. Yoga has taught me there is no one way, therefore many ways to parent, to listen too, and to love my boys.” [DeAnna Chiovera]

“As a yogi mom, I integrate yoga into my everyday life with my only child Dylan. No mat required. We have started a daily gratitude chat time en route to school where we each articulate three things we are thankful for. Car time is some of the best conversation time we have. It might be something as small as I didn’t burn a bagel at breakfast, or it could be much larger, like having a place where you can just be who you are. We live pretty authentically. And we laugh a lot. He once told a teacher that I listened to rap music sometimes but it was OK because I turned down the bad words when he was in the car. I embrace my parenting whiffs because I learn. I regularly tell my son, “I’m not the perfect mom,” to which he says, “but you’re the perfect mom for me.” And that, I think, is embracing yoga in the best possible way.” [Jennifer Wilford]

“Patience, but not in the way you’d expect. Mostly, patience with myself. To breathe and let it pass when it’s not worth the fight, to know when to support – but not interfere – when my children make mistakes, with myself when I feel like I can’t possibly live up the image of the ideal mother that lives in my head sometimes, to allow my boys to be who they are even when it gets me very outside my comfort zone. And an ability to appreciate, rather than dismiss, that inner voice that says every now and then, “You are, in fact, doing it right.” [Leila Cranford]


So. good.


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommas out there. Let’s celebrate the mom’s around us. They are committed to and pursuing a beautiful, yet refining path. We rise by lifting others up!


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