Instructor Interview: Courtney Swearingen

posted by Brenton Levi

Episode 2 of Inspire Yoga Radio’s Instructor Introduction Series features our resident farmer acro-yogi Courtney Swearingen! We discuss the parallels between yoga and farming, Courtney’s spirit animal, and why fear shouldn’t hold you back! Music by Denton’s very own Claire Morales. Go to to check her out. Thanks for listening and keep practicing!

Inspire Yoga Radio

Take Courtney’s classes at Inspire Yoga:

Tuesdays (IYD) 5:30pm SLOW FLOW

Fridays (IYD) 4:30 INSPIRE $5 Happy Hour

Brenton has been interested in the fundamental mystery of life for as long as he can remember. After exploring seated meditation, Brent had his first experience with yoga asana at Inspire Yoga's flagship studio. In order to deepen his practice, Brenton enrolled in Inspire Yoga's 200 hour training program. Soon after completing his training, Brent participated in six months of a residential volunteer program at Kripalu Center where he experienced the traditional practices of Hatha yoga, Ayurveda, and Shamanism. Brent's classes strive to engage students in mindful movement while dissolving self-imposed boundaries. In addition to yoga, Brenton enjoys preparing ancestrally inspired meals, engaging with wild nature, optimizing his health and wellness, and communing with loved ones.

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