A Note on Motherhood

posted by Tatiana Romero

10365980_1062751997130772_3268623577581036264_nIt’s hard to find the exact words to express what this journey has been like for me. As my baby girl approaches her first year of being in this world, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment. The more she grows and learns, the more whole I feel. She has brought a concrete purpose to my life, but it hasn’t been all sunshine and butterflies!

There is a part of motherhood that can be scary, exhausting, and confining at times. The best advice I can give to all mommies is to live each day as it comes. Enjoy the highs, ride the lows, and most importantly find balance!

12650926_1028928090513163_6162118439477773857_nEach day integrate a little bit of what you love to do. For me, it’s getting to practice yoga or maybe taking a nice long shower. For you, it could be going for a walk, painting, shopping, or riding a bike. No matter what it is, take five, ten, fifteen minutes or more to come back to YOU.

I wouldn’t change one thing about my journey as a mother. It brightens my days, fills my heart and makes me a better human being. I look forward to many more mommy adventures to come.

Tatiana began teaching at Inspire since we first opened our doors. Her yoga journey began when a knee injury prevented her from doing all of the high impact activities she loved. She sought out yoga as a way to stay active, heal, and find a balance for her Type A personality. Little did she know that the yogic lifestyle would be her calling. She started to feel the benefits of the practice immediately- both physically and mentally. The stress and pains of life turned into blessings in disguise. She pursued her 200 & 500 hour Yoga Trainings to learn more and deepen her knowledge. Her classes are a reflection of her unique spirit. She creates challenging flows that cause you to look deep within yourself. Her nurturing yet empowering presence inspires inner strength, confidence, and peacefulness in all her students. Tatiana received the Live Your Dream award in 2013 because of her innovative ability to lead others with a positive and authentic attitude. "I LIVE MY DREAM because I get to do what I love surrounded by a community of yogis who accept me exactly as I am. This is my life, my truth, my journey.” Tatiana is currently the studio director at Inspire Yoga and continues to teach on our regular schedule.

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