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Mary’s Story

posted by Mary Novas

I basically crawled into my first yoga class looking for a release of the stress that had built up inside of me due to my corporate job. Having previously been an athlete and gym-rat, I had never experienced the mind-body connection that yoga provided. I had always been high-strung and easily flustered and was able to sit […]

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Sanskrit: to use it or not? And how?

posted by Mara Colbert

A word on Sanskrit Knowledge of the Sanskrit names of yoga asanas and other related terms lends credibility to a yoga teacher, especially when used sparingly and effectively. That being said, misusing or grossly mispronouncing the Sanskrit, while going unnoticed by most students, will most certainly turn off those who do notice. If you happen […]

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Rachael’s Story

posted by Rachael Colunga

I was first drawn to yoga by the beauty and strength in the asana practice, but my yoga journey has taken me further than I ever imagined. As a graduate of the Inspire Yoga 200-hr program, a student of the 300hr training, and a teacher, Inspire Yoga has provided the ability to share this passion […]

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